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Essay on The Digital Divide - 647 Words | Bartleby

The generational digital divide is one of the most contentious arenas of modern life. Making the situation worse is some immigrants' tendency to nag, complain and threaten around technology use. Such attitudes and threats by parents are more likely to widen the rifts between parents and children, decrease effective communication and push the child to more 'fun' online activities, away from negative nagging parents.

Finally, generate and present your own informed opinion about the concept “digital divide.”

Just as in the academic world, the workforce finds young people who can perform research, hire people via Craigslist and otherwise far outperform their digital immigrant counterparts. Young people understand Internet technology intuitively and, as a result, become necessary for the development of business. This leaves digital immigrant management in the position of being in charge of keeping a company thriving, but unable to do so without the assistance of the natives. Clearly, this is a setup that can shake up the traditional business structure.

The Digital Divide Essay 631 Words | 3 Pages

Digital divide theory essay tb to when i approved old english teach ..

Digital immigrants are generally the parents, teachers, senior administrators, supervisors and managers in the settings described above. Parents often look at the young ones spending long hours in front of a computer screen and are concerned with what they assume is isolation or addiction. Teachers look at texting and Facebooking during class and view technology as an enemy to learning. Managers may view young workers as uncommitted or disrespectful due to misunderstanding regarding cultural and style differences. The longer immigrants take to understand the natives they parent, teach and manage, the bigger the digital divide will get. Eventually, when immigrants grow older, retire and die off and only natives are left, this will not be an issue (new issues undoubtedly will emerge). But until then, it is time to do some cultural anthropology and appropriate adjustment. Our families, classrooms and businesses will be the better for it.

Meeting the young workforce on their own turf is likely to be an effective strategy in many settings. When appropriate, this may involve changes in training, to include gaming and virtual reality, procedures, more flexibility of when and where employees work, and an acceptance of the work rhythms of natives. Sitting still and concentrating only on work for eight hours may be unrealistic for many natives. There are plenty of skilled, bright, creative digital natives who will perform better under circumstances that suit their preferred working style. Obviously, a happy and satisfied workforce is likely to be the most productive, effective and stable - and that helps the business ultimately be successful and thrive.

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The Digital Divide Essay - 969 Words | Majortests

Avoiders: We have all met avoiders among the digital immigrants. They prefer a lifestyle that leaves them relatively technology-free or with minimal-technology. They tend to have landlines, no cell phone and no email account. They do not Tweet or Facebook, and what is highly illustrative for this group is that they do not see much value in these activities.

Reluctant adopters realize technology is a part of today's world and they try to engage with it, but it feels alien and unintuitive. This group is widely diverse and probably includes most of the digital immigrant group. While they may have a basic cell phone, they do not text if they can help it. They may use Google occasionally, do not have a Facebook account, check their emails intermittently and perhaps have surrendered to online banking. This group is defined more by its cautious and tentative attitude towards digital technology rather than by its willingness to use these technologies.

The Digital Divide Regina Browning INF 103: Computer Literacy Prof
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The differences between the generations inevitably result in tension, misunderstanding and conflict at home, between parents and children, at the workplace, between management and the workforce, and in schools, between teachers and students or even older and younger teachers and staff. Certain subjects make many digital immigrant parents, teachers, supervisors and bosses concerned and upset. Understandably, the same subjects make children, students and workers feel misunderstood and disrespected. Conflict seems inevitable on all three fronts. Our hope is that the following are short summaries of the cross-generational concerns and conflicts in the three different settings of the home, school and work can increase understanding and reduce tension across the digital divide.

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To share the research results and underlying ideas of the T20 Policy Briefs on digital skills and literacy, hosted an online presentation on “Bridging the Digital Divide: Skills for the New Age & Measuring Digital Literacy”. The seminar was streamed online, on April 28th 2017.

political economy of new media, the digital divide, ..

The brains of natives born these days are even more adept at hopping than the teenagers we observe now. Toddlers are growing up playing with iPods and smartphones. Being able to navigate online amongst different applications and functions seamlessly is completely normal to them. And importantly - this has relevance for education - having control over the exploration of material seems normal to them. Instruction to "open a book, go to page 5," lands as completely archaic to most digital natives. From their perspective, it is so much more fun to click around themselves! We'll cover this more in our .

The Digital Divide is a significant ..

Intuitively, it seems that those who intensely multitask or "hop" are not likely to comprehend, digest and remember well the important information they read or hear while multitasking. However, research on the effects of multitasking on retention and comprehension is still in its infancy, and we do not yet have conclusive results on the issue. While some research supports the assertion that multitasking/hopping interferes with retention and comprehension, equally well-constructed research shows that retention and comprehension of essential and most important information is not affected by such diverse attention. We simply don't know yet - and results vary based on the learning preferences and abilities of the individual. For some people, even studying with music seems impossibly distracting. Others feel perfectly at home hopping amongst Facebook, school report, email, etc. The key is to know one's preferred method of work, and do one's best to organize a life where one can work optimally.

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