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The universe expanding can branch of to even more theories...

In connection with the occurrence in cosmology of numerous, and at the same time significant, philosophical and methodological assumptions which cannot be verified empirically without which it could not function as a science, cosmology may be considered as "science not only of the Universe in its largest scale, but also about assumptions which one should form in order to make such a science possible".

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For though it might owe to the wise and glorious King of Israel some of its many mystic forms and hieroglyphic ceremonies, yet certainly the art itself is coeval with man, the great subject of it.

VII. Conceptions of the Universe which is Infinite in Time

An explosion of incomprehensible speed was the beginning of our known Universe and existence.

At the ancient time of the original creation there was spiritual harmony and continuity throughout the newly created physical world of the Kingdom of Heaven. Physical matter and spirit were one under the stewardship of Lucifer, this anointed cherub. Being "" indicates he held an office similar to the anointed High Priests of Israel. The mention of Lucifer's covering in an array of nine (9) precious stones and gold is further suggestive of that comparison. These are not the exact same twelve (12) stones that the , but the similarities of such a covering signify that Lucifer was a priestly ruler over the old world of those ancient times. He was second only to the Lord God in power and authority over the realm of the whole Kingdom. Lucifer was a created being, created by God to serve Him as ruler of the Kingdom and leader of worship to the Lord. But he was not satisfied with his glorious appointed station over all things in the Kingdom and eventually desired to be as God himself: "."

It could be interpreted as the rise of matter, time and space out of "nothing", therefore, as "a beginning of the world and at the same time the beginning of time". In this interpretation the world does not arise time, but with time (which recalls St. Augustine's conception). However, since the general theory of relativity could not give any "mechanism" of transition from "the state of nothingness" to "the state of existence" of the Universe, further conceptions of creation out of "nothing" began to adduce quantum mechanics. This theory describes at least two processes which may compete for the name of "creative processes" which rouse the interest of cosmologists. These are phenomena of "quantum tunnelling" and of "quantum fluctuation" which occur due to quantum effects; consequently are impossible from the point of view of classical physics.

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The Big Bang theory is science's best explanation of how the universe was created.

The big bang theory is telling us that our entire universe was created by these little tiny (they are like billions of times smaller than a little proton), super mega dense, super multi mass exploded and began expanding very quickly, eventually cooling and forming into the stars and many of the galaxies with which we are familiar with....

The advocates of "creation science" hold a variety of viewpoints. Some claim that Earth and the universe are relatively young, perhaps only 6,000 to 10,000 years old. These individuals often believe that the present physical form of Earth can be explained by "catastrophism," including a worldwide flood, and that all living things (including humans) were created miraculously, essentially in the forms we now find them.

— Editor.]In Masonry many of the ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parody.
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Essay on the Origins of the Universe

While the mechanisms of evolution are still under investigation, scientists universally accept that the cosmos, our planet, and life evolved and continue to evolve. Yet the teaching of evolution to schoolchildren is still contentious.

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Nor is there any evidence that the entire geological record, with its orderly succession of fossils, is the product of a single universal flood that occurred a few thousand years ago, lasted a little longer than a year, and covered the highest mountains to a depth of several meters. On the contrary, intertidal and terrestrial deposits demonstrate that at no recorded time in the past has the entire planet been under water. Moreover, a universal flood of sufficient magnitude to form the sedimentary rocks seen today, which together are many kilometers thick, would require a volume of water far greater than has ever existed on and in Earth, at least since the formation of the first known solid crust about 4 billion years ago. The belief that Earth's sediments, with their fossils, were deposited in an orderly sequence in a year's time defies all geological observations and physical principles concerning sedimentation rates and possible quantities of suspended solid matter.

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One more reason of the inevitability of philosophy in cosmological considerations is that the outcome of cosmological statements, also those that are essential for the solution of the question of origin of the Universe, may be interpreted differently, and that in the process of this interpretation an important role is played by philosophical assumptions, both ontological and epistemological (as well as those which are not connected with cosmological principles). Great significance of interpretation in cosmology is emphasized by circumstances that while macroscopic physical theories such as classical mechanics — due to their relative "closeness" to experiment — have the so-called natural interpretation (which generally does not rouse any doubts) microphysics and cosmology theories may be interpreted in many different ways. Proof of this are numerous and extremely different interpretations of quantum mechanics on the one hand, and the multitude of interpretations of the shift to the red in galactic spectra, the multiaspectual dispute over the nature and distance of quasars or different interpretations of the initial singularity, on the other hand.

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There are no valid scientific data or calculations to substantiate the belief that Earth was created just a few thousand years ago. This document has summarized the vast amount of evidence for the great age of the universe, our galaxy, the solar system, and Earth from astronomy, astrophysics, nuclear physics, geology, geochemistry, and geophysics. Independent scientific methods consistently give an age for Earth and the solar system of about 5 billion years, and an age for our galaxy and the universe that is two to three times greater. These conclusions make the origin of the universe as a whole intelligible, lend coherence to many different branches of science, and form the core conclusions of a remarkable body of knowledge about the origins and behavior of the physical world.

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