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What are the advantages of international communication online?

It is possible to find families where the members no longer sit and have decent conversations. This has been mostly promoted by the social media and the increased access to phones that can browse the internet. People are too preoccupied with their friends on the social media. As a result, they stay glued to the screens of their phones that they do not have time to spend with their actual friends and families (Oberzaucher, Grammer, & Schmehl, 2010). When there was no internet, it was very easy to make friends and acquaintances. When one was lost, he/she could ask for directions from other people. Such people could end up becoming friends or important acquaintances. In the current generation, however, whenever one is lost or does not know something, he/she can just search the directions or meanings on the internet and continue with his/her business (Lee, Leung, Lo, Xiong, & Wu, 2010).
There are some messages that can only be understood when accompanied with some vital gestures. When people resort to typed messages that are conveyed through social media, the gestures cannot be transmitted (Oberzaucher, Grammer, & Schmehl, 2010). As a result, it is easy to misunderstand each other. In this manner, the internet is killing the conveyance of meaning through communication. Because of excessive use of the internet, it is not easy to pay attention during face-to-face communication with others. When one is trying to communicate with another, who is busy chatting on the internet, the conversation does not yield anything. Many children have felt neglected by their parents, who cannot pay attention to what they are trying to tell them (Bitti, & Garotti, 2010).
With face to face communication, it is easy to notice and give gestures that give meaning to communication. It is also easy to listen keenly and be emotionally present when communicating with one another. People can express their feelings to others who are able to respond adequately to such feelings. This builds confidence and trust among friends and family members. Further, teaching in class did not only involve imparting knowledge but also non-verbal communication of values and other essentials of life from the teacher to the students. Today, however, classes are taken online. Students who attend classes in campus also do not concentrate on what the tutor is communicating because they are busy updating their social media profiles and chatting (Harrington, & Loffredo, 2010).
The internet is an efficient tool in communication, but people must be careful not to let it kill our communication skills. Face to face communication is still a very essential tool for building relationships. The internet should be used to enhance communication between people who are far away from each other, but it should not replace face-to-face communication between people who are next to each other. People must learn to put aside the internet when they are holding face to face conversations with one another.

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For example, in the first paragraph:
[The] Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind.

"Psychological Predictors of Internet Social Communication".

The most important type of communication is interpersonal communication.

Furthermore, the effect of television is simply not so great that it could be said to have "destroyed" communication among family and friends. Granting that communication among family and friends in industrialized countries has decreased in recent years, it might be tempting to blame this problem on television since its rise roughly coincided with the decrease in time we spend with our families. However, I believe this situation is more likely due to increased pressures relating from work, school, and the economy. In my case, for example, I find that my pressures from work are so great that I must often sacrifice time at home so that I can meet the challenges of running my own business. Many of my friends are in similar situations--my best friend, for example, has just finished law school, which took about sixty hours a week of his time. In a word, people nowadays have very little time for anything, but television is not the cause--it is increased desire to succeed.

Most people much prefer spending time with their families and friends to spending time watching television. Television is of course an important part of many people's lives, but most people would gladly choose family and friends over television were they given the choice. Furthermore, most educated people are aware of the deleterious effects of too much television and either avoid excessive time watching television, or actually do not enjoy it. I, for example, after a long day at work, would much rather spend time talking with my wife and playing with my children than I would watching some unrealistic portrayal of life on television. For me and my family, our time together is precious and beautiful, and could never be replaced or hurt by television.

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Medicine has also seen reform as the internet improves research and communication.

An example of how the internet has impacted communication would be an example of doctors now communicating through live video feeds via the internet with patients or other doctors to diagnose patients or to even guide and adv...

In some situations, however, television has surely contributed to a decrease in communication among family members. In my childhood in the countryside, I often saw parents and children watching television for hours on end, rarely speaking with one another. It seemed for them that television was a way to escape from their sad, miserable existence. However, even in this case, I would say that television merely contributed to the bad situation, but did not cause it; were television not existent, surely these people would have found other escapes, alcohol or gambling, for example. In other words, people always find a way to do what they want to do.

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Communication essays Essay on the necklace Surveyor Link Limited

Current estimates say 23 million people communicate on the Internet from most of the nations on the globe, and that number is increasing at 12% a month.

Email is now an essential communication tools in business.

In short, I do not believe that television has destroyed or even harmed interpersonal communication among most people. Most people realize that television is merely a temporary diversion and do not use it to replace interpersonal communication. I believe that the damage attributed to television is greatly exaggerated and that such damage is most likely attributable to other more powerful social factors.

Internet Communication Essay -- Internet

It helps to exercise leadership influence through communicating objectives, policies, rules and procedures of an organization and also to communicate the necessary information to workers

FREE Internet Communication Essay

The motivation of the Internet at this time was to provide a robust nationwide communication network and to allow for the sharing of scientific research/resources around the nation1....

Communication and Language Essay - 551 Words

Television is undoubtedly one of the most powerful means of communication in the history of humankind, rivaled only by such other forms of communication as the Internet, the telephone, movies, and, of course, simple, low-tech speech. Television, with its wide availability and rich media with image and sound, is difficult to ignore and even seductive in its appeal. Television is as much a part of our lives as are our meals, work, or school; studies consistently show that the average American child spends almost as much time watching television as she does in school. Furthermore, because television is so rich in its media, it often requires our full attention or is more attraction to us than are our daily lives. Naturally, the more time one spends watching television, the less time she has with her family and friends. Thus, we can clearly see why some have claimed that television has been harmful for communication among family and friends. However, I believe that, while television has been somewhat harmful in its effects, it has hardly "destroyed" communication among family and friends for most people, although for some, this may be true.

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