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Ten Interesting Differences Between Pet Cats and Dogs

Kendall PT, Holme DW, Smith PM. Comparative evaluation of net digestive and absorptive efficiency in dogs and cats fed a variety of contrasting diet types. J Small Anim Pract. 1982a;23(9):577-587.

the similarities and differences between dogs and cats Essay

Cats cannot just be considered small dogs. They are different species with very different dietary requirements.

There are some key differences in gastrointestinal physiology between dogs and cats (Maskell and Johnson 1993):

Differences Between Cat and Dog » Cat/Dog » …

I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between dogs and cats

Dogs and cats have distinctly different dietary requirements. The cat is an obligate carnivore whereas the dog is an omnivore. The cat�s absolute requirement for nutrients derived from a meat-based diet arises from metabolic peculiarities in this species.

The nutritional peculiarities of the cat were summarised in a WALTHAM review by Legrand-Defretin in 1994:
These differences underpin the importance of formulating diets specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.

A thorough understanding of the nutrient requirements of both species is essential to enable formulation of nutritionally complete and balanced diets. Although this sounds simple, ensuring that all nutrients are present in the right balance and for the right number of calories is a very complex process of recipe design and optimisation. Worldwide, research is still ongoing and the nutritional guidelines for both cats and dogs are constantly being refined and updated (Butterwick 2011). WALTHAM plays a key role in progressing the knowledge of this area of nutrition.

Four basic responses are sufficient for primitive animals. Humans, cats, dogs and other more advanced animals need more than four basic instincts if they are to cope with a rich and varied environment. A complex environment requires a greater complexity of response. Emotion contains both innate (hard-wired) and learned (acquired from experience) components. Over a period of time, a cat might modify the innate fight/flight response to an initially threatening situation; for example, instead of fleeing from the vacuum cleaner, it might simply remove itself to a vantage point on a book case.

Differences Between Cat and Dog

key differences in gastrointestinal physiology between dogs and cats ..

According to many scientists, however, the answer is "no". They argue that humans like to anthropomorphise (attribute human qualities to non-human animals) and regard pets as surrogate children. We interpret their instinctive behaviours according to our own wide range of emotions. We credit them with feelings they do not have. Some scientists deny that animals, including cats and dogs, are anything more than flesh-and-blood "machines" programmed for survival and reproduction. Others, such as pet behaviourists, credit animals with some degree of emotional response and a limited range of emotions (limited in comparison to humans, that is).

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Dogs and cats are very different animals ..
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Essay on Compare and Contrast Cats and Dogs - 649 …

To accurately measure dietary ME content is complex, since energy lost in urine, faeces, secretions, and gasses must be accounted for. Therefore, simple formulae were developed to predict the ME of a food based on its fat, protein, and carbohydrate content.

To start with, these equations were derived from studies in humans, with protein contributing 4 kcal/g, fat 9 kcal/g, and carbohydrate 4 kcal/g (Atwater factors). These factors work very well for highly digestible diets. However, digestibility in cats can be somewhat lower than in dogs (Kendall 1982a). Furthermore, the factors are less accurate when applied to foods with a higher content of nonstarch-polysaccharides; such as legumes, salad, fruit or high-fibre cereal products (Kienzle 2002a).

The enormous variety of petfood on the market nowadays provides a challenge to understanding how best to calculate its energy content. Current products vary in format (dry, canned, semi-moist) but also in fibre (crude and fermentable) content. Furthermore, formulations have undergone considerable modification to meet the specialist needs of, for example, body weight reduction or convalescence.

The predictive factors therefore required testing and validation in feeding studies with cats and dogs.

Dogs vs Cats Compare and Contrast Essay | Essay …

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